5 Smart Reasons to Redesign your Website

Today you have to analyze if your website is working as much as you consider your product or service. When customers see a new product, service or store they first look for your website because it builds credibility and trust. Once they get to your website, don’t give them an opportunity to use anyone else. Provide everything customers want to know on your website and an easy way to learn more, purchase your service, contact you etc. Let your website be your salesperson 24/7.

Your customers use of technology has changed

Websites design and your audience are constantly changing. A great website 10 years ago doesn’t work today because customers don’t view your website the same way. Once everyone sat a desk with a computer and now your website needs to be mobile responsive and change for every different size device. You can say I am going to build a website and I want it to last 20 years but the question always is who is my audience and what do they expect or need?

Your website looks old and outdated

How current does your photos and web design feel? The average customers can tell when a website is fresh and new or filled with old content and photos. Does your web copy make you think more of handwritten letters or texting? Is your web design fresh with little blurbs or the old way with 1 long column of copy? How has your business or customers changed over the years? Make sure your website reflects this. Now people are so busy they jump on your website and skim and if it looks outdated then they are gone.

Your website information is not clear and concise

People should understand what you offer within a few seconds or they will leave.

  • Today customers want short and quick
  • Plus they love bullet points
  • If your copy is too long and dull then you have lost them.

It does not reflect your latest business and marketing strategy

Chances are your business changed in the past 5 years or even last month. Does you website reflect these changes? Have you ever bought a small item on Ebay and noticed they show multiple photos angles? Customers love details. Even if you don’t sell a physical product you can add important details with words and images.

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