Check your website traffic

Let Design by Splash set up your Google Site Console to learn how many people are going to your website and with which keywords. Use this information to make important changes to your website to get better results.

To get started ogin to the Search Console, with your standard Google login. Choose “Performance” tab report on the left to provide data about how your website is performing on Google.

  1. Total clicks: The number of times people clicked on your site from the search results
  2. Total impressions: The number of times your site appeared in search results
  3. Average CTR (click-through rate): The percentage of impressions that resulted in a click
  4. Average position: The average position of your site in search results

Below the chart, you’ll see a table that shows which queries, pages, countries, and devices are driving traffic to your site. Plus, how many clicks you got by date.

  • Low CTR: If your pages rank well but don’t get many clicks, consider writing better title tags and meta descriptions. This will make your pages more appealing to users.
  • Missing keywords: If you don’t rank for important keywords, your site might not have enough useful content that addresses them.

Make sure your have added your site map so Google can see all of your pages. If you don’t have one Design by Splash will create and upload it.

To submit your sitemap, click “Sitemaps” on the navigation sidebar and enter the sitemap URL in the given field. Then click “Submit.” Your site map is your web address ending in the file sitemap.xml – example: https://yourwebaddress.com/sitemap.xml