Business Card Design in Carroll County, Md – Quick, Easy and Professional.

Do you need a professionally designed business card created today? Your personal graphic designer can design your company business cards!

We can design your logo, recreate artwork or reproduce current business cards if necessary. Some clients first go to Staples for business card designs because they don’t realize a professional graphic designer can create what they need quicker and with more expertise. I am easy to work with. Call Morgan today: 410-871-9227

Business Card Design, Westminster, MD:

• I will take the time to create your business card to reflect your brand. Wow clients with a professional business card. Call Design by Splash, Westminster today.

Business Cards delivered in less than a week.
Call today: 410.871.9227

3 Common Business Card Mistakes to Avoid

1. Omitting Important Contact Information

2. Having a “Mystery” Business Card When someone looks at your business card, can they tell immediately what your business does and which specific business of that type you are? (I.e., are you Joe’s taxi service or Bob’s limo service.) 

3. Print that is too small.
Does your business card have a font size so small that you need to hand out a magnifying glass in order for it to be read? Beware of this practice. You may be able to cram more information onto the card with a small font, but what good is it if people can’t read it?

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