Players Fun Zone Web Design, Graphics, Email & Videos

We are experts in providing family fun centers with a website, graphic design and marketing help.

Players Fun Zone needed to increase their revenue after covid reduced sales. #1 was was to redesign the website and incorporate an online store. Through our collaboration with Players Fun Zone there was an increase in walk-in business and online ticket sales. As a web designer and graphic designer we had all the skills to successfully to implement their new strategy.
Results of the new website site launch and FB video ads include:

  • 10 birthday parties booked in the first 2 weeks of website launch
  • Walk-in business sales was up 50% in first quarter of 2023 as families came in droves to experience the new Unlimited Fun Packages

The marketing materials that increased sales and improved customer interactions:

  • Website redesign with online store integration, new web graphics and photo montages, clear website navigation and new weekend and specials packages highlighted on the website in multiple locations
  • Graphic design materials: flyers, graphics, social media posts, email design, videos, in-store signage, FB header
  • Streamlining of Google business and Facebook listings
  • FB advertising with videos
  • Email Designs and Campaigns

Would you like to increase business and improve sales for your family fun center or child oriented business? Learn more about what we do and which graphic design and web design services would be best suited to your company. 

Covid made it hard for this small business to grow but by connecting with Morgan at Design by Splash they now see a positive future. The collaboration with the owners of Players Fun Zone, who are truly kids at heart, continues to be a success. Check out their website at PlayersFunZone.com


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