Serpent Ridge Wine Labels, Logo and Web Site Design

14 years ago I got a call from a man named Greg who wanted me to design some wine labels for his new vineyard. To be honest I didn’t know the difference between a cabernet and a chardonnay … but he insisted and I am so glad he did. So I  began an awesome amazing journey of designing wine labels, logo and a website. When the new owners recently asked if I could redesign my original website I said yes! serpentridge.com

The new website needed to express that Serpent Ridge Vineyard is a beautiful, intimate boutique vineyard in Westminster, Md. The goals were two fold- for the visitors it need to easily flow and provide all the information a visitor would want and for the owners it needed to make their life easier providing information that was often requested such as their wine menu with prices. Lastly we needed to deal with how to best update their events page with the smallest expense and least amount of work.
Highlights Include

  • A new “Visit Us” Page with everything a visitor needed to know including a photo gallery of inside/ outside seating areas
  • An events page that pulls events directly from Facebook. Once they are posted on FB the website is updated automatically!
  • New beautiful photo gallery
  • A Home page that quickly shows all of Serpent Ridge’s offerings, highlights events
  • Simple Email subscription form for collecting emails.

Serpent Ridge is absolutely thrilled with their new website design by Design by Splash! It truly has been an amazing experience starting 14 years ago designing their beautiful wine labels. Snakes have never looked so good! Over time I grew to enjoy and savor delicious wine… who knew? Thanks Greg for the call.