Website Design, Flyer Design, Email Design for Family Fun Center

  • Players Fun Zone, Family Fun Center, had a problem that we helped to solve.
    – Customers couldn’t find the information they needed the most: open hours, prices and the specials.
    – The visuals (graphics and photos) on website, emails and flyers didn’t express the fun you would experience at this indoor amusement center.
    – Needed to increase sales 
    #1 Redesign the website with a fun look, hours front and center, special deals highlighted and incorporate an online store.
    #2 Easy link to get waivers signed which provided a list of email contacts that could then be used to send out emails about specials, birthday parties and more.
    #3 Run Facebook Advertising with a video highlighting Players 7 attractions
  • 10 birthday parties booked in the first 2 weeks of website launch
  • Walk-in business sales was up 50% in first quarter of 2023 as families came in droves to experience the new Unlimited Fun Packages viewed on Emails and Facebook Ads

Graphic Designer for Family Fun Zone - flyers, graphics, social media posts, email design, videos

Email Design Including All Graphics

Video used in FB advertising

The following marketing material designs that increased sales and improved customer interactions:

  • Website redesign with online store integration, new web graphics and photo montages, clear website navigation and new weekend and specials packages highlighted on the website in multiple locations
  • Graphic design materials: flyers, graphics, social media posts, email design, videos, in-store signage, FB header
  • Streamlining of Google business and Facebook listings
  • FB advertising with videos
  • Email Designs and Campaigns

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Carroll County, MD Web Design for small business fun zone company
Website Design
Graphic Designed for Website and Email
Fun Card Design and Prepress
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