Design by Splash Services • Web Design • Graphic Design

We are a small studio that offers digital and website design and graphic design services with a big splash of marketing. Every week someone asks, “Can you do_______?” and the answer is almost always yes! If you need any type of graphic design or web design we have you covered. Located in Carroll County, Md.

Website Design –
Including Redesign, Mobile Websites, Website Updating
Facebook & Social Media Posts
• Ad Design – Digital Or Print

• Logos
• Business Card Design
• Booklets • Brochures
• Email Design
• Store – Web Hosting, Domains, SSL, Email Services

Graphics for Digital Ads, Social Media or Email

People love visuals on websites, on the internet and in social posts. I can help create graphics or ads with colors, images and a message that matches your brand.

Facebook Posts

I can create images for your posts and/or write effective FB ads. Working with a designer helps ensure the ads have a coherent look as well.

Digital Ads

I can create digital ads to show online or update your website with promotional and seasonal images.


Do you need graphics for your website, digital ads or social media? We do that!


We can create graphics for you to insert yourself or design your entire email.

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